4201 StreamLine non-rechargeable 2 x AA Battery 4,4 Ah

Product ID

A high capacity non-rechargable battery pack for a selection of StreamLine products.
Ask your StreamLine products supplier for more information.

Voltage: 3,6
Max. pulse Current: 2A
Capacity: 4400 milliampere-hour

Weight: 90gr
Size: 51 mm x 30 mm

PCBA options

4710 StreamLine LoRa Tag 868 MHz

LoRa only module

4711 StreamLine LoRa Tag with GPS 868 MHz

LoRa and GPS module

S4711 StreamLine Sigfox Tag 868 MHz

Sigfox and GPS module

4712 StreamLine LoRa Tag with GPS 868 Mhz with Solar Connector

LoRa and GPS module

4786 StreamLine LoRa Laser Distance Sensor

LoRa laser distance module

4670 StreamLine Maxima

LoRa, GPS, LTE, NB-IoT, NFC, BLE, WiFi, RF module

More Information
Product ID 4201
Accelerometer No
Attachable antenna No
Audio No
Battery powered No
BLE transceiver No
Canbus No
CE marking No
CO2 sensor No
Distance sensor No
Enviroment resistent enclosure No
Ex marking No
Air quality sensor No
Interface using I2C protocol No
I/O interfaces No
Optional Tamper Detection No
WiFi Sniffer No
Microphone No
Micro-USB No
Iridium No
Temperature sensor No
Motion sensor (PIR) No
NFC transceiver No
LoRa transceiver No
settings configurable No
Rechargeable battery No
Power supply No
2G No
3G No
4G No
Sigfox No
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