4670 StreamLine Maxima Industrial

The StreamLine Maxima is a vastly versatile module that supports integration with many devices and extensions. The module can connect to different networks out of the box, receive GNSS signals for locations and is equipped to interact wirelessly via Bluetooth or NFC. The physical connectors enable the StreamLine Maxima to receive power from a constant supply or various rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. Likewise the module can physically connect to a wide array of devices or send and receive large strings of data at a high rate.

Product ID


   Multiple power options
    I2C data interfacing
  compatible with LoRa based solutions
   Sigfox Verified
     Integrations with nearby BLE devices possible
    GNSS location tracking
    Supports integration into systems
  Remote maintenance
    Get diagnostics and write settings using NFC
    8pin extension connector
   IR laser distance sensor
    Internal memory

Setup Cable

4994 StreamLine 8-Pinned setup cable



  • Very small, only 45 x 28 mm
  • Lightweight: 8,4 grams for a fully equipped PCB
  • Wide operating range: -30˚C … +85˚C
  • 1 LED for user interaction
  • Multiple watchdog levels for maximum stability
  • Event based free configurable module to fit any job
  • Remote configurable to fit any job (both firmware and configuration files can be updated/patched over-the-air)
  • Supports integration into third party networks
  • RC1, Europe and Middle East, 868 MHz


  • LTE Cat M1/NB-2, GPRS fallback
  • LoRa technology, EU-868 MHz
  • Compatible lora based solutions such as: private LoRa networks or Helium
  • NFC
  • Proprietary RF
  • Nano SIM socket
  • BLE beacon technology


  • GPS
  • GNSS
  • WiFi sniffing
  • Where available LoRa localization

Optional extras

  • eSIM
  • Sigfox
  • Accelerometer (up to 16 g)
  • Distance sensor (up to 4 m)
  • Temperature sensor (accurate up to 0,5°C)
  • Wireless charger


  • 5 external micro coax antenna connecors
  • Extension connector


  • I2C interfacing



  • +5 VDC power supply
  • Compatible with wireless charging

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