4710 StreamLine LoRa Tag 868 MHz Industrial

StreamLine LoRa tags are made to be a lightweight, adaptable and low energy solution for tracing and/or monitoring assets. It sends encrypted data over the air using LoRa networks or communicate locally using physical connections or BLE integrations. The module is highly customisable due to the multiple on-board sensors, optional sensors, battery/power options and external connectors. Alternatively many standard variations of these modules are offered. These are described in the attached StreamLine 471x sheet and related products featuring a wide range of out of the box enclosures and varying parts on the circuit board.

Product ID

Possible Applications

Non- powered asset tracking
The energy efficient design enables this module to track assets that do not supply power over a long period without charging the batteries in the mean time
Personnel solutions
The lightweight construction and available enclosures offer a long term solution for tracking or interactions when the module is carried by a person
Interactive button
Chosen applications can take advantage of the programmable interactive button and enclosures that allow access to the button are offered


  GNSS location tracking
     Temperature sensor
   Multiple year battery life
 Analog and digital I/O interface
   Multiple power options
   Supports integration into 3rd party networks
   Compatible with LoRa based solutions
   Sigfox Verified
  Remote maintenance
     Integrations with nearby BLE devices possible

Enclosure Options

4710K StreamLine Keyfob

battery 4203

up to 0,7 Ah

Enclosure 4987

65L x 34W x 15H mm

4710S StreamLine Short Tube

battery 4201

up to 4,4 Ah battery

Enclosure 4911

116L x 38W x 25H mm

4710L StreamLine Long Tube

battery 4205

up to 8,8 Ah battery

Enclosure 4912

170L x 38W x 25H mm

4710H StreamLine High Tube

battery 4207

up to 8,8 Ah battery

Enclosure 4913

134L x 40W x 40H mm

4710G StreamLine UFO Grey

battery 4204

up to 2,2 Ah battery

Enclosure 4918

Diameter 90 mm

Height 20 mm

4710Y StreamLine UFO Yellow

battery 4204

up to 2,2 Ah battery

Enclosure 4916

Diameter 90 mm

Height 20 mm

4710B StreamLine UFO Black

battery 4204

up to 2,2 Ah battery

Enclosure 4919

Diameter 90 mm

Height 20 mm

4710W StreamLine UFO White

battery 4204

up to 2,2 Ah battery

Enclosure 4917

Diameter 90 mm

Height 20 mm

Setup Cable

4996 StreamLine Micro USB Setup Cable


  • Very small: 53 x 15 mm
  • Lightweight: 3 grams PCBA only
  • 3 LEDs for user interaction
  • Configurable button for user interaction
  • Wide operating range: -20˚C … +70˚C
  • Optional temperature resistance: -30˚C … +85˚C
  • Event based free configurable module to fit any job with over 300 different events
  • Define up to 4000 geozones
  • Remote configurable to fit any job (both firmware and configuration files can be updated/patched over-the-air)
  • Supports integration into third party networks
  • RC1, Europe and Middle East, 868 MHz


  • LoRa technology, EU-868 MHz
  • Compatible lora based solutions such as: private LoRa networks or Helium
  • Proprietary RF
  • BLE beacon technology


  • LoRa localisation where available

Optional extras

  • Humidity sensor accurate up to 2% RH
  • Barometer
  • Tamper detection strip
  • Audible buzzer
  • Various enclosures
  • Sigfox


  • Temperature sensor accurate up to 0,5°C
  • Accelerometer accurate up to 16 g
  • Compass/3D Magnetometer


  • Extension connector digital and analog I/O


  • Various battery or constant power options
  • Ultra low power consumption


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