Vehicle Tracking LoRa

With StreamLine IOT Gateways, location of objects is determined with triangulation. In each object, a small battery powered LoRa chip is placed which transmits a signal. That signal is received by the StreamLine IOT Gateways .. and based upon time difference in receiving the signal from the object in the know locations of the StreamLine IOT Gateways, the location of the object can be determined.

This means that there is no need for GPS, no need for GPRS, no need for 2.4 Ghz RF ... or is there??

LoRa will only be received by LoRa receivers, which can be up to 15 km from the object. The LoRa alliance is creating more and more coverage, but until enough coverage is created... having options in devices is a good idea..

StreamLine LoRa Tags have optional GPS/GPRS/RF, providing the extra data needed to find objects.. When no LoRa is available, the GPS sensor will be activated and the GSM/GPRS sensor.. The GSM location will be determined and if possible (car not inside) also the GPS position. .That information will be send with GPRS. When the object is located, the RF signal will provide the exact distance to the object.

  • - GPS = 3 meter precision
  • - LoRa = 3-30 meter precision
  • - RF = 1 meter precision
  • - GSM = 50-1500 meter precision
  • Example

    StreamLine LoRa Tube

    Note: StreamLine is known for it super low power solutions. No need for power connections.

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