4815 StreamLine Smart LAR LTE-M

The StreamLine Smart LAR LTE-M is a tracking solution with a very wide coverage in a robust enclosure that can send detailed information. The module is ideal for personal tracking due to its lightweight enclosure featuring a keyring, it’s freely programmable buttons and internal memory. When it is out of reach of the mobile network the StreamLine Smart LAR LTE-M can continue making scheduled entries. These are stored in the internal memory to later be transmitted when the module is back within reach of a mobile network.

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Possible Applications

Personnel solutions
The lightweight and sturdy enclosure offers a solution for tracking or interactions when the module is carried by a person
Very long term solutions
The rechargeable battery can last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced


    GNSS location tracking
    On-board accelerometer
    Rechargeable battery
  Micro USB interface
    Internal memory
   Supports integration into systems
  Remote maintenance
     Temperature sensor
    Mobile network connectivity with on board SIM
 Attachable antenna

Setup Cable

4996 StreamLine Micro USB Setup Cable


  • Small enclosure 56 x 37 x 16mm
  • Lightweight: under 40 grams
  • 3 LEDs and 3 switches for user interaction
  • Wide operating range: -40˚C … +85˚C
  • Multiple watchdog levels for maximum stability
  • Event based free configurable module to fit any job with over 300 different events
  • Define up to 4000 geozones
  • Remote configurable to fit any job (both firmware and configuration files can be updated/patched over-the-air)
  • Supports integration into third party networks
  • User definable SMS commands


  • LTE Cat M1, NB IoT cat NB2
  • GNSS and GPRS antennas
  • Nano SIM socket


  • GNSS

Optional extras

  • Humidity sensor (sensitivity up to 2%RH)
  • Barometer
  • Altitude meter (sensitivity up to 10cm)
  • Compass/3D Magnetometer
  • eSIM


    • Temperature sensor

    (sensitivity up to 0,5°C)

  • 3D accelerometer (sensitivity up to 16g)


  • Micro-USB connector


  • Digital and Analog I/O
  • iButton/1-Wire



  • Rechargeable 670 mAh battery
  • +3 VDC output

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