4799 StreamLine LoRa FSK Security Tag with Tamper Strip

The StreamLine LoRa security tags are a discrete, reliable and secure solution for asset tracking out in the open. The module is shipped with a non-removable tamper detection strip that can activate an alarm mode when the module is removed from the surface it is attached to. Aside from its tamper strip the module is fully sealed in rugged materials that protect it from weather, dusty environments and impacts without compromising signal strength. The tags relay a general position via encrypted LoRa messages. Shorter range signals can also be sent when the tag needs to be traced using a finder such as the 4666 StreamLine Scanner. Despite the sealed enclosure and small size of the module lithium batteries enable the StreamLine LoRa security tags to operate up to 3 years when using default settings.

Product ID

Possible Applications

Asset tracking
Global positions provide feedback on the location of any asset it can be attached to and alert the user when the module is tampered with
Exposed assets
Sealed enclosure enables tracking in any environment offering IP 68 water and dust protection
Lost and found
Find a precise location using the BLE and FSK signals


Tamper detection strip
Location tracking
Supports scanners
IP68 protection
   Multiple year battery life
Internal memory
    Supports integration into systems
  Integrates into private LoRa networks
  Remote maintenance
Write settings using NFC
    Integrations with nearby BLE devices possible
More Information
Product ID 4799
Accelerometer Yes
Attachable antenna No
Audio No
Battery powered Yes
BLE transceiver Yes
Canbus No
CE marking Yes
CO2 sensor No
Distance sensor No
Enviroment resistent enclosure Yes
Ex marking No
Air quality sensor No
Interface using I2C protocol No
I/O interfaces No
Optional Tamper Detection No
WIFI Sniffer Yes
Microphone No
Micro-USB No
Iridium No
Temperature sensor No
Motion sensor (PIR) No
NFC transceiver Yes
LoRa transceiver Yes
settings configurable Yes
Rechargeable battery No
Power supply No
2G No
3G No
4G No
Sigfox No
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