4795 StreamLine Fly First Industrial

The StreamLine Fly First is an ultra lightweight and small solution to integrate with and track powered assets. The module can be integrated into a wide range of applications because it is compatible with a wide range of input voltages. The StreamLine Fly First relays an accurate global position from anywhere within reach of a mobile network and can transmit positions generated outside of that network later from it’s internal memory. Alternatively the module can also base it’s position on WiFi signals thus not nessisarily needing to be within range of a mobile network to establish a position.

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Possible Applications

Vehicle tracking
Accurately trace the geo-location, speed and heading of a vehicle using the on board equipment
Digitalise assets
Send readings from assets over the network and monitor them remotely using the versatile original Molex connector
Trace the activity or diagnostics of an asset using physical integration and set signal thresholds


    GNSS location tracking
    Mobile network connectivity with on board SIM
   Multiple power options
    Supports integration into systems
  Remote maintenance
 Indoor tracking
   Supports scanners
   Internal memory
 Attachable antenna

Setup Cable

4990 StreamLine Fly First setup cable



  • Very small, only 50 x 22 x 8 mm
  • Lightweight: 8 grams PCBA only
  • Wide operating range: -30˚C … +85˚C
  • 1 LED for user interaction
  • Multiple watchdog levels for maximum stability
  • Event based free configurable module to fit any job
  • Remote configurable to fit any job (both firmware and configuration files can be updated/patched over-the-air)
  • Supports integration into third party networks


  • Excellent telecom coverage
  • LTE Cat M1/NB-2/GPRS fallback
  • Nano SIM socket


  • L76 GNSS, external antenna
  • WiFi sniffing, external antenna
  • Active GPS

Optional extras

  • eSIM
  • 3D accelerometer accurate up to 16 g
  • Temperature sensor accurate up to 0.5°C
  • CAN-bus


  • External micro coax antenna LTE
  • External power connector


  • Input range +5 … +55 VDC power

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