4743 StreamLine LoRa CO2 + PIR Sensor

The StreamLine LoRa CO2 module measures various gasses to warn users of harmful conditions or help regulate the airflow for optimal comfort. It can integrate with existing systems and private LoRa networks giving feedback on air quality and temperature adjusted for accuracy by its built in environmental sensors. Operate integrated Heating, Ventilation and Air Cooling autonomously improving efficiency and avoid costs for empty rooms. The on board PIR motion detection sensor enables this module to rapidly measure occupancy.

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Possible Applications

Smart offices and buildings
Improve and digitalise the indoor environment through smart sensors and integrations
Integrate Heating Ventilation and Air Cooling systems to regulate rooms based on current temperature and CO2 levels
Smart Energy
Lower energy usage by decentralising climate control
Integrations possible with existing systems, local networks and wireless communications


 High end air quality sensor
      Temperature sensor
   Tamper Sensor
   Multiple year battery life
   Multiple power options
    Audible alarm
    Multicolor LED feedback
    Supports integration into systems
  Integrates into private LoRa networks
   Compatible with the Helium network
  Remote maintenance
    Integrations with nearby BLE devices possible
   PIR motion detection sensor

Setup Cable

4995 StreamLine CO2 sensor setup cable



    • Multiple watchdog levels for maximum stability
    • Event based free configurable module to fit any job
    • Remote configurable to fit any job (both firmware and configuration files can be updated/patched over-the-air)
    • ize: 86 x 86 x 26 mm (excluding PIR sensor)
      • Weight: 130 grams
      • LED feedback
      • Audible buzzer
      • Wide operating range: -10˚C … +55˚C

      (based on temperature sensor)

    • Supports integration into third party networks


  • Near Field Connection, get recent readings and update settings and firmware using an NDEF enabled phone
  • LoRa technology, EU-868 MHz
  • Compatible with the Helium network
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for integrations in automation and feedback


  • Photoacoustic NDIR CO2 sensor
  • PIR motion detection sensor
  • Temperature sensor up to 0,5 ˚C accurate
  • Humidity sensor
  • 3D accelerometer up to 16 g

Optional extras

  • +5 VDC USB power supply


  • 3100 mAh battery capacity
  • +3,7 VDC battery rating
  • +5 VDC constant power

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