4676 StreamLine TM LAC 2G

The StreamLine TM LAC is an asset tracker with the option for a constant power supply, versatile interfacing and connectors for external antennas. This makes it an ideal solution for vehicles and powered equipment. The module logs and transmits highly accurate location data collected from it’s GNSS systems and readings from on board or externally attached sensors. If connection with a mobile network is lost the StreamLine TM LAC will continue to take readings and transmit them when connection is re-established.

Product ID

Possible Applications

Vehicle tracking
Accurately trace the geo-location, speed and heading of a vehicle using the on board equipment
Digitalise assets
Send readings from assets over the network and monitor them remotely using the versatile original Molex and CAN-bus enabled connectors
Trace the activity or diagnostics of an asset using physical integration and set signal thresholds


   Multiple power options
    GNSS location tracking
 Integrates into asset
   Large internal memory
    Mobile network connectivity with on board SIM
   Integration through CAN-bus
    Supports integration into systems
  Remote maintenance
   On-board Altitude and acceleration provision
   Original Molex connector
 Attachable antenna
 Attachable sensors and interfaces
More Information
Product ID 4676
Accelerometer Yes
Attachable antenna Yes
Audio No
Battery powered Yes
BLE transceiver No
Canbus Yes
CE marking Yes
CO2 sensor No
Distance sensor No
Enviroment resistent enclosure No
Ex marking No
Air quality sensor No
Interface using I2C protocol No
I/O interfaces Yes
Optional Tamper Detection No
WiFi Sniffer No
Microphone No
RF Yes
Micro-USB No
Iridium No
Temperature sensor Yes
Motion sensor (PIR) No
NFC transceiver No
LoRa transceiver No
settings configurable Yes
Rechargeable battery Yes
Power supply Yes
2G Yes
3G No
4G No
Sigfox No
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